DPAL Wildcat Wrestlers Take On NUWAY Nationals

Dunn PAL wrestling wildcats captains Avante Cameron and Jeffery Hannah ranks the highest overall for DPAL. They competed along with other fellow DPAL wrestlers at NCWAY States Championship. Three of DPAL wrestlers aside from the captains placed top three for NCWAY States. Corey Pollock placed second in the 12-and-under HWT division. In the 15-and-under division, Alex Vilemas placed third at 125 pounds. Malik Weeks placed second at 160 pounds. Tyre Cameron placed second at 180 pounds. Brittney Owens placed fourth at 180 pounds. Brittney Owens and Jaliyah McBryde both will compete in the Women’s National event representing North Carolina. The NUWAY Nationals Championship will take place on April 11th and 12th at the Kellog Arena in Battlecreek, Michigan.