PAL Member from Dunn to Washington, DC.

Andregus Holmes was raised by his mother and grandmother. His mother was a caring and loving single mother. His Grandmother was the same and they always tried to be at Andregus sport games. Andregus growing up played Football, Basketball and Track and Field at Triton High School

Andregus said “Growing up, my motivation was to make them happy and not to disappoint them. Therefore, when some of my friends went a different route, I chose not to follow them.”

Andregus grew up in a house behind the PAL Gym and usually the first one at the gym when then Officer Rodney Rowland went around to open it up for free play. There were not alot of things to do in Dunn during Andregus younger years.

Andregus was affiliated with PAL from the beginning stages (player, coach, ref, etc). PAL gave me (along with others) an outlet. Growing up in a small town, there aren’t many activities to do or places to go, and PAL gave me(us) things to do. Our time was occupied playing ball, instead of being out getting in trouble. I feel PAL really assisted in saving many people from going down the wrong path and helped establish life long friendships and bonds (those things are priceless).

Many of us came from low socioeconomic families and couldn’t afford to travel and PAL gave us the opportunity to get out of Dunn at times. We would travel around the state playing other teams, and we also traveled out of state (my 1st time going to FL was with PAL). I also had the luxury of attending F.L.A.M.E. (Finding Leaders Among Minorities Everywhere) at the Olympics’ Headquarters in Colorado Springs as a result of PAL.

I attending Fayetteville State University on a football scholarship. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Political Science-Public Administration and have my Master’s in Political Science from FSU as well.

I am currently a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service and reside in Birmingham, AL.