Most Memorable Autumn Experience

The most memorable thing i have done was the game event that happen a few weeks ago. And the most memorable thing in pal was when we went on a trip to a rolling skate place 2 years ago. At april fools day i was thinking of telling my friends that the teacher was behind them but i did not tell them because i thought it was to dumb to tell them so i did not tel them. At pal we when on a train station and we when on the train. My mom got a n64 i was MAD but not that mad. At pal last year me and my friend was playing a game and i did something so cool that i stop playing. One day at school someone asked me what was my shoe size and i said 12 and was like what.At pal my driver last year almost got me and the other kids KILLED! At school i had candy and then someone took it. At pal the game event was so cool i won so many time it was funny.Plus every time i win at the game event i just be liking all of it. At home i will be playing online and it is FUN.

Chase McAllister